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As strategic consultants we are often asked about which product best matches a particular purpose. So, here's our matrix of products that serve their purpose exceptionally well based on our own observation and customer feedback.  This list is intended to help you shorten your search for a well-suited security related product.

Responsibility for content or link accuracy lies with the respective company. All products are mentioned in alphabetical order.

Security Area
Our view
Well suited for large environments
Provides full infrastructure verticality and risk rating similar to S&P's
Well suited for large environments, excellent audit planning capabilities
ISMS Management
Note: All products mentioned under GRC include ISMS management functionality.
Application Security
Web Application Testing
Source Code Security
Continuous Network Monitoring
Logging & Monitoring / SIEM Solutions
Innovative risk detection & intelligence
Security Configuration Management
Easy to use multi-factor authentication
Virus Protection and Threat Management
Virus solution for 32Bit and 64Bit Windows servers
Virus protection for Windows and Mac
Enterprise Virus Protection
Operating System Security
Server scanning and (missing) patch handling
Network Security
Firewalls for large environments
Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Network Admission Control
Load Balancers, Intrusion Prevention, Carrier Grade NAT
Physical Security
Keys, integrated access management
Shredders for entire reams of paper
Safes & Vaults